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Whistleblower Protection Act:

Specialized Training for the Operation of the Internal Reporting Office

Obtain proof of specialized knowledge (Section 15 (2) HinSchG) flexibly and at your own pace via e-learning – start immediately!


What is a specialized course in the context of the Whistleblower Protection Act?

The Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) was passed in May 2023 and came into force in July 2023. The HinSchG obliges companies to set up an internal reporting office for all employees. The main purpose of this law is to ensure the protection of whistleblowers.

The operation of an internal reporting office requires qualified staff to handle incoming reports. Probably the most important requirement for your staff is the expertise mandated by Section 15 (2) HinSchG, which consists of various requirements that must be met.

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200€ / one-time payment

Acquire specialised knowledge for the operation of the internal reporting office: Certification for the whistleblowing system in accordance with the EU Directive.

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Expertise for Reporting Officers According to the Whistleblower Protection Act

The requirements for your staff range from reporting to resolution and include the following aspects:

Training to Become a Whistleblowing Officer (Internal Reporting Office)

By participating in our online course, you will acquire the necessary expertise to operate the internal reporting system as a whistleblowing officer in accordance with the EU Whistleblower Directive and the Whistleblower Protection Act.

The course will guide you through the critical aspects of implementing and maintaining an internal reporting system, including the legal framework.

Our e-learning course provides valuable and practical insights, including templates you can use in your role. Case studies allow you to explore and understand different scenarios.

From the field for the field – we focus on providing practical information that you can apply directly in your workplace. Our Whistleblowing seminar provides a comprehensive understanding of the Whistleblowing Directive and its impact on organizations. Participants will learn how to set up and maintain an effective reporting system, including the importance of confidentiality and whistleblower protection.

The course includes practical exercises and tests. At the end of the course, participants will be able to act as whistleblowing officers and ensure ethical internal reporting.

Take advantage of Cortina Academy’s specialized course and ensure that your reporting officers have the necessary expertise.

Whistleblowing Officer Training (HinSchG) | Course Contents

The HinSchG training consists of a total of nine lessons covering the following topics:


Benefits of Our specialized course

On-Demand Access

With our digital learning academy, all users can access learning content anytime, anywhere. This flexibility allows your employees to tailor their learning to their needs and schedules, making the most of their time.

Conserve Resources

With a digital learning platform, you can eliminate the need for physical classrooms and materials. The platform makes it easy to manage learning content and reduces the need for printed materials.

Always Up to Date

Because all components of the Academy are available online, training materials can be easily updated. This ensures that you always have access to the latest information.

Digital - Yet Personal

In addition to content that can be consumed in small, easy-to-digest chunks, we offer additional "office hours" where you can connect with our Whistleblowing Protection Act experts in real time to ask questions and get further support.

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